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The company specializes in production and operation rail, ground screw, solar bracket, electronic equipment, Aluminum Alloy industrial aluminum profiles processing, other solar equipment, CNC and CNC processing...



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Welcome to our website!


PV-LAND Energy stands by its mission of “to provide all-round services to customers with superior technology and perfect workmanship”. Basing on a global vision, we aim to build a global energy smart supply chain system, assist in the smart transformation of world's energy companies, help companies improve the efficiency of supply chain, and reduce production and operating costs. Our business mainly includes research, development and production of wind power components, global smart supply chain services, as well as quality management and consulting services of energy projects.



Wind power components R&D

We are committed to providing wind power generation companies with high-reliability and low-cost wind power generation components, meeting the environmental protection, quality and efficiency requirements of companies and enhancing the competitive advantage of partners. In 2004, we began to provide hardware development services for Chinese wind power generation companies. With 13 years of successful product development experience, the company has several top R & D engineering experts in the industry. The company has successively established six energy components research, development and production centers in Qingdao, Taicang, Wuxi and other places of China, and has established a highly standardized production process. It can provide global energy companies with development and production of high-quality energy components.


Global smart supply chain

We have more than 10 years of successful service experience and have become China's leading supply chain service providers in wind energy industry. We carry out zero-defect workmanship standards. Excellent technology and services require us to be perfect in every aspect of the supply chain. Customers’ satisfaction is the only criterion for the inspection of our work. In terms of service, we strive for excellence. We utilize our unique advantages, attract talents through the integration of the upstream and downstream superior resources of the supply chain, create a global smart supply chain system by virtue of Internet + information technology, and conduct customer-demand-oriented business processes and model innovation. We provide industry supply chain services that run through global sourcing, manufacturing, logistics and customer support. We can make timely response to customer needs and market changes, optimize delivery quality, provide on-demand services, and improve customer satisfaction.


Quality management and consulting

In 2004, we began to provide professional consulting and management services for Chinese energy companies. We have established a strict product evaluation and quality control standard which runs through the production supervision, logistics and delivery, ensuring that customers will be provided with zero defects and timely delivered services. Our energy project consulting department also has more than 30 top consulting experts to assist energy companies in the construction and technical services of wind power plants, operation, maintenance and recycle of wind power equipment, as well as talent output services of high-end professions.


New energy development

PV-LAND new energy development center focuses on renewable energy project evaluation, development, construction and operation. Advanced energy analytics software and cloud computing were applied for wind farm planning, wind resource assessment, micrositing, wind design optimization, economic evaluation and assets assessment analysis, etc. We provide smart wind farm solutions combining wind power and solar power, which improve the utilization efficiency of land and energy resources. The use of smart wind farm management system helping our customer reduce power loss of more than 15%.