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Domestic PV market analysis of Tianjin PV support manufacturers

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Tianjin City Park Yu Li new energy technology: photovoltaic bracket, photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses, photovoltaic steel bracket

Tianjin City Park Yu Li new energy technology: photovoltaic bracket, photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses, photovoltaic steel bracket

How big is the home PV market?

At present, the family photovoltaic market is divided into rural household photovoltaic, urban home photovoltaic two categories.

Rural family photovoltaic mainly concentrated in rural self built housing, as well as unified construction of housing in the new countryside. Usually low rise buildings. Urban home photovoltaic mainly concentrated in high-grade villas, as well as urban villages around the city from the building.

Rural home photovoltaic accounted for most of China's market, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of housing show that the country has 400 million families, including its own roof building families, the conservative market is estimated at 30 million households. And the city Villa and village since the building, the market retains more than 20 million households.

According to the average 3-5kW per household, the size of the investment of 3-5, the whole family photovoltaic market capacity of 1 trillion and 500 billion to 2 trillion and 500 billion above scale!

At present, the market development is only less than 0.2%!

What is home photovoltaic?

Home photovoltaic refers to the installation and use of distributed PV systems on the roof of their own homes.

What are the business models of home PV?

Family photovoltaic business model is relatively single, mainly by the family's own investment, or led by the state organization of solar power poverty alleviation model.

Photovoltaic power generation would like a small power plant, and the production of electricity can not only use their own, but also sold to the power grid, sold to the distribution network near the electricity users. The country has good incentives for solar energy, so solar power, unlike other household appliances or equipment, has a strong financial nature. As a result, more and more participation will be made by banks, as well as by third party financing institutions, in addition to their own investment.

Family of photovoltaic what promotion methods?

The promotion of home photovoltaic is an open topic, different areas have different ways of promotion.

First of all, the State encourages green energy-saving

Solar power generation systems have a life cycle of over 30 years. Each 1 kW solar system generates an average of over 25 thousand power over its life cycle. The production of 1 kilowatts of solar energy system only consumes about 1500 kwh of electricity. Its energy recovery ratio is more than 16.7 times.

At the same time, carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 24.925 tons during its life cycle.

Second, there is a high rate of return on investment

Solar power generation system's return on investment is generally no less than 10%, up to 20%. In the premise of China high-speed economic development, with the conditions of installation of solar family financial management, is also a very good way of ordinary financial products is only 7%, P2P Internet financial products although there are more than 15% of revenue, but there are great risks. Bank interest is even less than 3%. Therefore, the purchase of real estate is a financial direction. However, the house can not be unlimited purchase, so under the funds permit, why not choose a power generation, environmental protection, but also a state guarantee of high-yield solar energy system?

Another is the latest solar energy pension

In the rural areas of China, pensions have become a common problem when rural residents do not pay social insurance in their normal lives. At this time, residents can choose to buy pension insurance, however, under the current economic conditions and the aging population of double pressure, so that we have a great deal of skepticism about pension insurance.