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Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses can not only generate vegetables, but also generate electricity. When they meet their own use of electricity, they will transport surplus power to the ...

Photovoltaic agricultural greenhouses can not only generate vegetables, but also generate electricity. When they meet their own use of electricity, they will transport surplus power to the national grid. This is the first time that polysilicon photovoltaic energy has been applied to agricultural greenhouses in our country. Roof top is polycrystalline silicon photovoltaic power generation materials, through the absorption of solar power generation, environmental protection, energy saving.

First, the significance of photovoltaic agriculture

In the long run, the development of photovoltaic agriculture is of great significance to the transformation of agriculture in China. In the short term, photovoltaic agriculture is an effective measure to solve the current difficulties in the photovoltaic industry. Since Europe and the United States since the double, in the International Photovoltaic Market malaise situation, a large number of domestic photovoltaic enterprises are also in trouble, overcapacity problems appear grim situation. Fundamentally speaking, the domestic photovoltaic industry to break the crisis, the key lies in whether we can gradually realize self transformation, get rid of dependence on exports, which requires its deep plowing domestic application market. Compared to the general requirements of the project of the large ground barren hills, wasteland and other unused land conditions, photovoltaic agriculture more advantages. Go to "encircling the city" road, the need to upgrade the PV enterprises: increase in the product development efforts to end use, produce products for photovoltaic applications in agricultural production, farmers' life can be widely used, in order to resolve the crisis, because of the vast rural area has a huge market potential.

Two, the mode of photovoltaic agriculture

Solar energy and modern agriculture combined with large-scale grid connected power generation projects, in addition to spontaneous use, the remaining into the national grid. General photovoltaic agricultural projects will be installed on the top of the greenhouse panels, using photovoltaic panels to generate electricity. It makes full use of the agricultural greenhouses on top of idle space, can also provide automatic watering, shed light, heating and ventilation needs of electricity.

Three, the economic benefits of photovoltaic agriculture

Roof power, shed planting edible fungus, blueberries, flowers, fruits and so on, through the implementation of the project, not only can promote the increase of farmers' income, speeding up the pace of agricultural industrial structure adjustment, but also effectively solve the bottleneck problem of the development of photovoltaic project land requisition. In the dayside and nightside back under different illumination conditions according to the requirements of different configurations to light the plant, utilization rate of land comprehensive improvement; the higher greenhouse can build three-dimensional agriculture, borrow LED light, for example in the nursery, the seedling bed shelves etc.. In a certain land space, the photovoltaic agricultural greenhouse has achieved a win-win situation in agricultural crops, economic and energy generation benefits".