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what is photovoltaic power generation? What is distributed photovoltaic power generation?

Principle and meaning

1. what is photovoltaic power generation? What is distributed photovoltaic power generation?

Photovoltaic power generation refers to the use of solar radiation directly into the power generation mode, photovoltaic power generation is the mainstream of solar power generation, so now people often say that solar power generation is photovoltaic power generation.

Distributed generation refers to the construction of the user site near the user's own way of operation, the main use of excess power, access to the Internet, but in the distribution system to adjust the characteristics of the photovoltaic power generation facilities.

Distributed generation follows the local conditions, clean, efficient, decentralized layout, and the nearest use of the original, and make full use of the local solar energy resources to replace and reduce fossil energy consumption.

2. do you know the historical origin of photovoltaic power generation?

3.1839 years, the French physics experiment of 19 years old found that when the two metal electrodes in the conductive liquid were irradiated with light, the current would be strengthened, and thus the "photovoltaic effect" was found". In 1930, Lang Ge first proposed "photovoltaic effect" solar cell manufacturing, to make solar energy into electricity.

In 1932 made the first block and ODU BOT stalla "CDs solar cell".

In 1941, Audu discovered photovoltaic effects on silicon.

The United States in May 1954, Fuller and Pilson Baer Qiabin laboratory developed the efficiency of monocrystalline silicon solar cell 6%, this is the first practical solar cells in the world, the same year was first discovered nickel arsenide photovoltaic effect, and the deposition of nickel sulfide rich film on glass, solar cells made of sunlight into the utility of photovoltaic power generation technology of electric power was born and developed.

3. how do photovoltaic cells generate electricity?

The photovoltaic cell is a kind of light and electricity conversion characteristics of semiconductor devices, it will directly convert solar radiation into DC, is the most basic unit of photovoltaic power generation, electrical characteristics of photovoltaic cells is unique in crystalline silicon with the incorporation of certain elements (e.g. phosphorus or boron), resulting in permanent imbalance the molecular charge material, forming a semiconductor material with special electrical properties of semiconductor, with special electrical properties in the sunlight can produce free of charge, these charge free directional move and accumulation, and thus the electric energy generated at its both ends are closed, and this phenomenon is called "photovoltaic effect" referred to as photovoltaic effect.